Technical Events

May 3, 2018

10 am

CTU in Prague, FEE

room No. 80

Technology Circuit Co-Design for Nano-Scale Era

Dr. Rajiv Joshi

Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE CAS and EDS society

The lecture will be focused on technology pros and cons, variability impact, methods to evaluate it and circuit aspects in co-design. Also clever usage of TCAD to predict device and circuit capacitance etc.


May 4, 2018

10 am

CTU in Prague, FEE

room No. 80

Manufacturable Heterogeneous Integration of Compliant CMOS Electronics for Interactive Electronic System

Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE EDS society

Can be CMOS technology expanded further to achieve new features in CMOS electronics while maintaining and/or strengthening existing attributes? Will the functionalities over cost be advantageous? Can the existing applications be further strengthened and/or diversified? What potential applications may emerge?

He will discuss rational design of materials, processes and devices to develop robust manufacturing processes through heterogeneous integration of state-of-the-art CMOS technologies to transform conventional high performance but rigid CMOS electronics into fully compliant one; various printing techniques (inkjet for interconnects, 3D printing for encapsulation); electrochemical deposition (ECD) for through polymer via (TPV); automated transfer; Lego like lock and key assembly; non-functionalized household papers and other responsive materials based sensors and actuators, respectively and finally their roll-to-roll processing to achieve nature inspired fully compliant in-plane and out-of-plane CMOS electronics for emerging IoE applications. I will also show a few examples on our extensive work on interactive electronic system and discuss their design criteria as a new generation of add-on, wearable and implantable electronics.


May 17, 2018

19. Seminar – Physical Properties of the Atmosphere



May 9, 2018




October 16, 2017

Copper Mountain Technologies’s USB Vector Network Analyzers

Copper Mountain Technologies

Transtech s.r.o.

Alex Goloschokin

Joshua Scala



October 05, 2017

Antenna Array Design Techniques using Electromagnetic Simulation

CST Computer Simulation Technology GmbH

Ing. Jan Eichler, Ph.D.